Why should I use Kwikcast?
Kwikcast saves both time and money negating the need for staff to travel unnecessarily between properties. It is GDPR and COVID-19 compliant and resolves lone working policies.

Live recorded 4k video feed direct from the property at suitable time to suit all parties.

Does it need to be on WIFI?
Unlike other applications Kwikcast seamlessly functions across 3G, 4G, 5G and WIFI.

Why don’t I just use WhatsApp or Facetime?
WhatsApp and Facetime both share two-way video and audio over the same connection which creates a lower resolution image and does not have the recording capability.

Kwikcast utilises the audio of the call, dedicating the band width the one-way video.

Facetime is only Apple compatible and WhatsApp requires both users to subscribe. Kwikcast is multi device compatible with just a simple SMS text message.

Can my Kwikcast recordings be stored?
Kwikcast’s are recorded and stored directly to the online dashboard which features a video library with usage analytics. 

Why don’t I just get the tenant to send a video or photographs?
Photographs can be angled or doctored. In the case of video, the tenants will not always voluntarily focus on areas of concern. Kwikcast places you in direct control and with seamless end to end 4k video it provides a permanent both audio and video record.

Why would you give your contractors a licence?
Issuing your contractors, a Kwikcast Licence means they can provide instant quotations without a physical visitation.  They can provide remote advice and solutions without incurring costly call out fees. 

Kwikcast is especially useful in emergency situations when instant advice and instructions can literally save lives.

I don’t want my mobile number to show.
That is fine you can call from your mobile and withhold your number, the text that you send will be sent from the Kwikcast servers.

Our servers facilitate the customer experience as opposed to the device (the customer does not see the sender’s details or vice versa).

Does my customer need to download an App?
No – we believe this is an industry first that Kwikcast does not currently have a ‘none download’ competitor which has been tailored into the property sector.

Is it difficult to use?
When we designed Kwikcast-Property we wanted it to be simple to use, faff free and enjoyable to use. There are just three simple steps:

How many people can have access?
Each Kwikcast license has 5x users and all would be able to live stream with their App. Those that have the SME or Corporate package would also have access to the full dashboard.

Will it use my own text messages from my personal contract?
No – On all licenses we give you 500 text messages pcm to use with your subscription which should cover you for the month.